Some watermelons perish due to long days of watermelon trucks entering Chinese market


Some watermelon qualities were diminished due to the long days of watermelon trucks entering the Chinese market, said U Sai Khin Maung of the Khwar Nyo Fruit Depot.
As a result, some of the first 26 trucks entered the Chinese market on 9 December and four watermelon trucks were sold for 90,000 yuan. If the watermelons are of better quality, they will get a better price than the prevailing price.
“The market price of watermelon is depending upon the watermelon quality. The watermelon trucks reached in the market are no longer fresh and they are easy to get rotten. The traders are selling their products under negotiation. On 9 December, four trucks loaded with watermelon are sold for 90,000 yuan,” said U Sai Khin Maung.
Nevertheless, the watermelons are conveyed to China step by step during the COVID-19 period and the trucks will take more time for waiting of new Customs regulation, the Khwanyo Trading Depot stated.
Consequently, about 10 per cent of watermelon trucks stuck in the Muse 105th mile trade zone are prepping for return, according to the Khwanyo Fruit Trading Depot.
As a result of this, the growers are encouraged to harvest watermelons depending on market conditions.
Last 6 December, the Muse-Namkham Border Trade Chamber of Commerce and respective warehouses of fruits, rice, pulses and beans discussed the trade barriers and disruption in the border route.
Traders cannot expect trade facilitation according to the changes in China’s policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the restrictions are eased and negotiation goes smooth, the trade will go back to normality.
The Kyinsankyawt border post between Myanmar and China, which was earlier suspended from 8 July 2021 has been reopened starting from 26 November on a trial run. — NN/GNLM

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