Spreading false news: Security forces arrested 10 local people in Budalin Township

photo 2 sskm
Screenshot misrepresents the true occurrence.

The malicious media outlets are spreading the false news claiming that the security forces forcefully arrested 10 residents at the Sipar village of Budalin Township in Sagaing region on 31 May.
The real occurrence was the security forces were carried out for the security of the Sipar village and the surroundings on 31 May and found out that the terrorists were planting mines near the roads of the village. Therefore, there was an exchange of fire between the security forces and the terrorists, and the terrorists fled after shooting. Later, the security forces systematically removed the mines not to be harmful to the public.
The subversive media are intentionally spreading misinformation to misrepresent the security forces and to cover up the terror acts of the terrorists. The security forces did not arrest any villagers and the news is just a fake one, according to the report of a security official of the place. — MNA/ TRKM

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