Squatters are humans

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[dropcap font=”0″]W[/dropcap]ITH high property rental prices, low income and urban migration, the problem of squatters’ slums has become a headache in cities. They settle on large land plots owned by others or by some government agencies or companies, especially near their workplaces such as industrial zones, construction sites and work for their living from there. Their houses are small ones built of bamboo and thatched roof with narrow footpaths in front of them.
When the land owners complain about their illegal settlement, authorities have to evict them. Some landowners evict them by themselves, hiring people to scare away them. Some of them are often forcefully evicted from settlement, resulting in clashes with authorities and injuring both sides. Such scenarios have become very common in cities, but squatters are always at one place or another as they do not have anywhere else to live.
It is clear that eviction alone cannot solve the problem in the long run. Although it is true that they trespass on the place of another or illegally settle in a place, they should be treated with empathy as they are the same humans as others who deserve a shelter over their heads. They should at least be provided with temporary shelters even if permanent homes for them cannot be arranged immediately. Only then, can the problem of squatters be solved once and for all.

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