Star beans now growing in Nay Pyi Taw

Saplings of Star Beans seen at the plantation.
Saplings of Star Beans seen at the plantation.

A FARMER has started to grow star beans in the compound of his house in PubbaThiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw.
The seeds of star beans were bought from the Star Bean Association (Yangon).
As a method of growing the star bean, the hybrid seeds will be soaked in the water for three days, and dried under the sun for three more. After drying, each seed is put into each bag—6’’x8’’ in size– which places soil in it.
Litozin liquid is sprayed on the seeds twice a day.
After 15 Days, sprouts come out from the seeds, and on the 20th day, the saplings are moved to one square foot holes, which are 6 feet apart from each other, in rows.
Five hundred and twenty star bean plants can be grown per acre, and expenses for hybrid seeds, bags, labour charges. The cost of cultivation, and plant tonic is K120,000 per acre. A farmer can earn K2 millions per year .
For four months after the growing of the star beans, blooming takes place out of the seeds, and at the eighth month the farmers can harvest the beans for sale.  Star beans are used for medicine and cosmetics. Organic edible oil is produced from the star beans.
The star beans have been grown on a commercial scale in Keng Tung Township, Tachilek Township, and upper of Sagaing Region.




Shwe Te Yint  (Oaktara IPRD)

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