State authorities target to spend Ks5 bn on building ponds in Falam Township

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A file photo shows an aerial view of Falam Township, Chin State.  Photo: Supplied

CHIN State Development Committee said a plan to build four ponds which will have a mass storage capacity of 100,000 gallons in Falam Township, spending Ks5 billion on this project.
The new plan mainly aims to distribute sufficient amount of drinking water to town dwellers.
The Ks5 bn development project will also covers the construction of pipe lines between the town and Laiva Dam which is located about 22 miles from the town. The director of the committee said efforts have been made to finalise the current
water supply project for Hakha Town at the end of this month.
There are more than 16,000 people residing in four wards in Falam Town. Town dwellers obtain drinking water from 12 natural springs.
One of residents said that the town faces shortage of drinking water in summer after the natural disaster happened in 2015.


Chindwin Thar

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