State Counsellor asks peacemakers to inspire future generations

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The State Counsellor sent a message to those involved in the peace process to be unselfish and of dutiful spirit, and able to inspire future generations.
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi made her comment at a Union Day dinner held in the town of Taunggyi, Shan state.
“I do not see how one can be meaningful in life if one works only for oneself, or for family or for the environment. One will be meaningful if he serves for the Union, for the country or for the place we live in,” she said at the dinner.
The State Counsellor then met with family members of leaders who had signed the Panglong agreement in 1947. As the daughter of General Aung San, the State Counsellor is one of them.
Most of them are the same age or older than Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Therefore, the time they have left will be devoted to future generations. They do not have the time to do it for themselves.
“I would like to urge to who are involved in peace process, to use this opportunity valuably. By doing this, we could face bravely in the next life with a dutiful soul and be at peace when we pass away,” she said.
She also gave thanks for having the chance to meet the sons, daughters and relatives of the Panglong signatories.
“We PangLong generation are lucky still being here and meeting each other,” she said.
The State Counsellor said it is her wish that future generations will happily celebrate the anniversary of Union Day because of their old grandparents’ dutiful works.
“The Union was established by sacrificing many lives. So we have the responsibility to protect this union to last forever. But we have to think about some parts. For example, this is our owned land but no one owns the country. We have only a duty to protect for the preservation in a life. Thus, we must value our country like something to be protected which we do not own.  The main strength should be our spirit of duty,” she said.
Later yesterday, the State Counsellor ceremonially started a camp fire festivity to mark Union Day.
During the dinner, different cultural groups including Shangyi, Pa-O, Taungyo, Danu, Intha, Kayan, Mawshan, Palaung, Wa, Kokant, Lesu, Kachin, Gongshan, Arkha and Larhu performed their traditional dances. The State Counsellor presented gifts to the ethnic cultural groups and posed for photos.—Myanmar News Agency

မီးပံုပြဲအက ဆင္ႏြဲစဥ္။ 3
The State Counsellor ceremonially lit a bonfire and participated in an ethnic traditional dance as part of the UnionDay dinner held in Shan State. Photos: Myanmar News Agency

မီးပံုပြဲအက ဆင္ႏြဲစဥ္။ 2

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