State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi reports to people regarding COVID situation

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If I were to begin my talk beginning from the COVID disease, during the past five days, the infection rate has been below 1,000. Since the number of persons infected by the virus has gone below 1,000, although we can say there has been the progress, we cannot say it is good enough. However, I wish to express my thanks to all those who worked to control the disease, and to continue controlling this disease. Please continue with the containment measures. Therefore, what we are now focusing our attention on is the vaccine. To purchase vaccines for 15 million people, our delegation is now in India. We will get a clearer picture regarding the purchase of this vaccine within next week.
We have already made necessary preparations to initiate the vaccination programme not long after the sales agreement has been signed and all the necessary preparations have been made. This is for the whole country. We will be carrying this out step by step in order of priority; for example, the first priority will be for the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines. After that, we will conduct the vaccination programme as needed for the country as well as for the people. This will be carried out step by step. Whatever the case may be, even after we have obtained the vaccines, the vaccination process for the whole country will take months. That is why we need to be very vigilant during this interim period. We should not stumble just as our goal comes into view. That is why I wish to say this again to our people that it could take months before the vaccines become available. I wish to request the people once again to make sure that this infection does not spread, from yourself to others and from others to you. You need to live with vigilance. The reason is that the infection rate has gone down a bit; we need to make efforts so that this infection rate will come down considerably. The infection rate needs to decline continuously. We need to make strenuous efforts to be completely free from this virus. Furthermore, if we contain the situation by using the vaccine, our country will be able to operate normally again.
In some countries of the world, they don’t even know which wave they are confronting. Is it the third, fourth or fifth wave? There are places where the situation is getting worse. That is why I wish to stress again that we cannot be careless or irresponsible. The other thing is that we are now in the Christmas period. Tomorrow is Christmas day. Not too far off we will have New Year. That is why on the one hand I want to remind you all not to engage in too much merry-making during the Christmas and New Year season to the extent that you begin to break the rules and regulations. On the other hand, during this season I wish to send my warm greetings and metta. At this time, I send these warm greetings not only to all our Christians but to all our people and the people of the world to be blessed with Peace and Joy.
Thank you.

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