State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech on the 2nd anniversary of NLD Government

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivers speech on the 2nd anniversary of NLD Government. Photo: Myanmar News Agency
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivers speech on the 2nd anniversary of NLD Government. Photo: Myanmar News Agency

My fellow citizens of our Union,
It is now two years that the National League for Democracy (NLD) government, elected by the people, has been in office.
Just as I am doing so, all Government Ministries will be reporting to the people on what they have accomplished, their strengths as well as weaknesses. They will be reporting to you earnestly in keeping with the motto we chose last year, “together with the people”.
In our report to the people this year, the item of singular importance is the election of a new President. One of the reasons we value the democratic system highly is that it provides for smooth political transition without harming citizens. That is why in electing a new President, we exercised extreme care to ensure that it was done in accordance with the law, was for the benefit of the nation and provided solace to the people.
I wish to express my appreciation to the Members of the Hluttaw, the Hluttaw staff and government personnel who endeavored to ensure that the election process for the new President was completed within seven working days from 21 March, the date President U Htin Kyaw tendered his resignation. The fact that important matters could be successfully addressed in a short time stands testimony to the stability and maturity of the state.
Our ability to elect U Win Myint as President of the Union is also a reflection of the growing maturity of our democratic and political processes. President U Win Myint became a member of the NLD right from the time the party was founded. He has served the party with devotion and performed all duties, big or small and in whatever position he was assigned, for the benefit of the country and fellow citizens.
The name and reputation of those who take up the mantle of leadership depend on the ability to train new generations who are trustworthy and well-qualified. The founding fathers of the National League for Democracy as well as those in the first generation who participated in the struggle for democracy can justifiably be proud of the fact that we have been able to appoint a President, from among what may be regarded as the second generation, who is able to perform the duties of State with good moral character, steadfastness and wisdom (Sila, Samadhi and Panna). I would like to take this occasion to express my profound gratitude to President U Htin Kyaw who has retired, for the performance of his Presidential duties in full measure. The transfer of State duties, from the old to the new, with grace and dignity, demonstrate respect for the people as well as high regard for the nation. For this we are all deeply satisfied.
President U Win Myint, in his inaugural address delivered in the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw following the Oath of Office, declared that he would strive to implement the following priority goals of our Union Government:
1. Rule of law and improvement of the socio-economic life of the people;
2. National Reconciliation and internal peace; and
3. Amendment of the Constitution to provide foundation for building a democratic federal republic.
He also outlined the priority tasks of the Union Government.
We face various kinds of internal and external challenges while we endeavor for political, economic and social development of our country. As we are aware of the importance of our international responsibility, we have adopted a path consistent with the needs and situation of our country respecting at the same time the views and opinions of the international community. We have many opportunities to learn in order to overcome and eliminate the evil legacies of the past and to fulfill the aspirations for the future of the nation. We know how much loving kindness, truth and bravery are needed; how greed, anger and ignorance can impact negatively. We have learnt the importance of having good friends. The most important lesson we learned is the value of understanding and unqualified support of our people.
That is why in the coming year 1380, our Union Government has decided to keep in high regard the need for “collective strength” to overcome our country’s challenges. Collective strength is vital to build peace and stability which we need.
We need to have mutual understanding and mutual respect as the basic foundation to bring to an end the armed conflicts which have existed for many years among the ethnic nationalities. We can make this foundation strong with our collective strength. I would like the people to assist and support the peace efforts of our Union Government. I would especially want the youth to look to the future and join in this effort. I have observed that youth have been participating in these efforts.
I have been deeply heartened by the youths who have been assisting and participating in the work of the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance Resettlement and Development(UEHRD). Let us strive collectively for the emergence of a just and free nation— a nation which will guarantee equal rights and equality, a nation which practices a pure ideology. Not only in Rakhine State which has received the attention of the world, but in the entire country collectively for security of mind and body.
Among the main goals of our Union Government is the development of the socio-economic life. Only the people know how much we have achieved. As a Government which places great importance on openness and transparency, I have instructed all Union Ministries to inform the public how many miles of roads and new bridges have been constructed and how many new villages and towns have electricity; how much the neonatal and maternal mortality rate has fallen; how the foreign investment is still low; how high the inflation rate remain. However, it is not possible to show the progress of a country adequately in terms of facts and figures. (Some times, different organizations have different ways of calculating indices so it is difficult to know the true picture). The most important thing is to know how much real impact these economic indices have on the socio-economic life of the people. For example, last year, the amount of rice exported reached the highest level since our independence. What is important is how this increase has impacted on the lives of our farmers. We need to formulate our policies and implement plans after making an assessment of the
In the coming year we will adopt programmes that will bring real benefits to the citizens. We will inform the people about our plans as we enter the New Year. No matter what kind of projects we implement, the main factor for success is collective endeavor.
I am firmly convinced that we can overcome any challenge— no matter how big or difficult— if we can set aside prejudices of organizations and select groups, and work without pointing fingers and if every one of us makes concerted efforts with goodwill, wisdom, and courage.
In conclusion, let me solemnly thank all our friends at home and abroad,who have helped us and are still helping us; organizations, business entrepreneurs, people from academia and professionals, and especially our people who have supported and assisted us with understanding and empathy. Those who have helped us once, we should never forget. Those who have helped us again and again are our real friends; they bring fulfillment to our lives.
May all those who live within our Union, son and daughters of our Union who live near and far, those who have goodwill, loving-kindness and compassion for us and all the peoples of the world, have good health and peace of mind. May you all be free from all kinds of dangers. May your hearts and minds be at peace.May we all be able to build the peaceful, modern, prosperous and genuine Democratic Federal Republic which is the dream of the fathers of our independence and which is what our people desire.

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