State Counsellor: Regarding COVID-19, interventions will begin with legal actions


State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wrote on her Facebook page yesterday that the requirements for prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19 have now become clearer and more precise and that with regard to COVID-19, interventions will begin with legal actions.

We now have (85) confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections. Requirements for prevention, containment and treatment have now become clearer and more precise. The most important thing is the need for all to understand the prevailing situation clearly.
Regarding COVID-19, we will begin our intervention with legal actions. We will issue a statement tonight outlining what legal action will be taken according to what law on which person for what offence. This is to ensure that it will be fair, correct and the same for everyone.
Notifications and statements of the Ministry of Health and Sports will be announced in wards and villages five times daily. I want all of you to listen carefully and follow these instructions.
Another important matter relates to quarantine. Some people are really scared of quarantine. Is this because you don’t like the fact that you cannot move about freely? If you are put under quarantine will you be worrying that “I will catch the virus from them if I have to stay with infected persons”. Let us look at the second point. Among those who have become infected, those who got infected from family members are also not that small in number. The reason for putting people under quarantine is to ensure that others (including family members) are not infected; it is also to make sure that once symptoms of the virus are detected, treatment can be given promptly. Just think about this – how horrible it would be if the COVID-19 virus is carried by the infected person who runs away from quarantine.
Regarding losing freedom of movement, let me share something from a person who has had this kind of experience. These things pass. When you look back what remains is the strength of “I have endured this”. Please endure the three weeks with patience. This will become your strength later.
We will be implementing programmes in the coming days to give recognition and practical support to the front line health workers and quarantine volunteers who constitute a very important source of strength for all of us today.
On this last day of Thingyan, I would like to convey my good wishes to all our people who are feeling really stressed out, to have peace of mind and good health. May all your good wishes come true!  (Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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