State Counsellor responds to questions at Peace Talk in Loikaw


In the Peace Talk with local youths held yesterday in the State Hall of Loikaw, Kayah State, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi responded to questions submitted online.

What is the plan for regional development once peace is achieved?
“The basic requirement for (improving) the economy is a transport connection and energy (power). The role of the government in these two sectors is quite a huge task. But for the economy to be developed widely, the private sector also needs to participate. Government economic enterprises are not quite successful. They have not adapted to the present time. In replying to the question on plans for regional development, we’ll start as much as we can on health and education. In areas where peace is not achieved, especially Kayah State, power (output) has increased this year. Next is transport connection. Once there are roads and there is power, the economy will follow. In short, we are emphasizing on education, health, social matters and on road links, power and investment with regards to the economy”, replied the State Counsellor.

It is clear that prolonged civil war in Myanmar is due to those who don’t want peace. How will those people and organizations that don’t want peace be persuaded (organized)?
“People need to persuade them. This is the main matter that is related to the people. The main problem of the people who don’t want peace is that they don’t know the value of peace. They don’t understand the benefits peace will bring to them and all others. They don’t want peace because they don’t have the idea that having peace is better than the present situation.”
“Once they know that the fruit of peace is not only beneficial to others but also for them, they’ll want peace. That is why people need to work together and make it clear that it is beneficial for all.
Places where peace has been achieved are very important. It needs to be maintained. A certain portion of our people themselves don’t want peace. That is why it is important for all to persuade and organize (so that all join together for peace)”, said the State Counsellor.

What is the plan for Kayah State development, creating more job opportunities for youths and achieving higher knowledge and intellect?
“Education is required to get better jobs. Road links are required. Investments will need workers. Workers need to be able to work to a certain level. Only then, with good road links and power, will investors think of investing.
Then there will be requirements for people, qualified people, who can work. All are inter-related. It is not good to be educated and unhealthy. Health needs to be good too. This is what I mean by all-round development. Where are you living? Can we communicate (travel)? If we cannot communicate and there is no power, it would be very difficult to set up a business. We need to do all these things”, said the State Counsellor.


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