State Counsellor’s message to campaign against quid and tobacco by products

Following is the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s message sent to the ceremony to launch a public campaign for control of quid and tobacco leaf products via media.
Mingalaba to you all! I send greetings for the mental and physical health of my beloved and respected people.
I’m happy to send this message to a ceremony to launch a campaign to reduce consumption of quid and tobacco which is a challenge that has greatly affected the health of the people. I’m hoping and expecting good results for people’s longevity and health from this ceremony
For the people of the world, especially in least developed countries, non-contagious diseases together with contagious diseases are a big threat to their lives as well as being a huge health burden. According to a report by the World Health Organization, 59% of the fatality rate in our country in 2014 was from such non-contagious diseases. Just as preventive and treatment of contagious diseases are being made, preventing and controlling of non-contagious diseases from consuming quid and tobacco leaf products need to be done. Smoking cigarettes and daily continuous consumption of tobacco leaf products including quid are seen to be widely increasing among the people, both among men and women.
Within Southeast Asia’s ASEAN countries, Myanmar is seen to have the highest percentage of consuming quid with tobacco leaf products. This is becoming the main challenge for our people’s health. When the incumbent government came to power in 2016 May, instructions were sent to departmental officials to take responsibility to strictly educate, inform and restrict consumption of quid in offices, hospitals, schools and places where people converge.
In conducting such an enormous health program, the main thing is the need to effectively educate the people. In conducting such educative works, it should be noted that short term programs that is effective in a short time do not produce good results. The main thing is for all levels of the governmental organizations together with the people to disseminate long term education through many ways. Especially students and children under 13 who have not used quid should be prevented from starting to use it and to stop the dangerous usage if already started. For the educational efforts through various means to have a huge impact, schools, teachers, health personnel, personnel of other organizations, family of the personnel and responsible personnel, are all requested to participate.
Today’s program to control quid and tobacco leaf products via media campaign to the public is a very good program. I thank and honor the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Ministry of Information together with all associated organizations.
In conclusion, seven million of Myanmar people are consuming tobacco leaf products and quid. According to research conducted, yearly fatality from such consumptions was more than 60,000 and people should meet this health challenge with the theme “Avoid quid to avoid regret.” I urge you all to overcome it as a national duty with determination. May you all be healthy, strong and be able to serve the country more than ever.

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