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State-owned buildings burnt down in Pinlebu, Sagaing region

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Pieces of used weapons.

According to the Myanmar Police Force statement, rioters attacked and burnt four state-owned buildings in Pinlebu town, Sagaing Region.
A group of 70 rioters attacked the township police station with guns, slingshots and fire bottles at about 1 pm on April 5. The crowd was dispersed at around 3 pm by the security forces.
Similarly, 200 rioters attacked the township court in the evening at around 5:30 with handmade guns and fire bottles.
While the security forces were dispersing the crowd, the township administration office was attacked by fire which was also spread to the township court and former township commission office at around 7 pm.
Security forces and members of the fire brigade extinguished the fire at about 8:45 pm.
The township development office inside the township administration office was also destroyed by fire through the remains of the buildings ravaged by fire yesterday morning at around 4 am.
It is reported that security forces are investigating to take effective actions under the law against those who committed the arson attack to the state-owned buildings, and more security forces will be deployed to prevent similar incidents. — MNA

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