Statement of emergency landing of Embraer-190 by Capt. Myat Moe Aung


1.Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) Embraer 190 AR jet XY-AGQ flying flight UB 103 flying from Yangon to Mandalay on 12 May with Capt. U Myat Moe Aung and Co-pilots U Kaung Sat Lin and U MyoThihaAung, Senior Flight Attendant Daw Cherry Myint, Flight Attendants Daw K JaHsanAung, DawKhaingZar Lin and DawOhnmarAung and 82 passengers including seven foreigners, 89 local passengers and two security persons took off from Yangon International Airport at 7.15 am on 12 May, 2019 and it was unable to deploy its nose landing gear on arrival at Mandalay.

  1. The Captain made an approach to runway at Mandalay International Airport at 08.17 am, but the nose landing gear was malfunctioning and couldn’t be activated.

The Captain then activated the emergency landing gear down procedure, but it was still not working. He did two pass-by flights in front of ATC to check whether the nose landing gear was down or not.

Then the Captain followed emergency procedures and did the fuel burn out to reduce the landing weight.

At 0909 AM, flight UB103 RGN-MDL, Embraer 190 XY-AGQ made anemergency nose landing along the Runway 17 and successfully and safely landed and stopped at a distance of 4500 ft.

  1. After the emergency landing, the passengers were evacuated with proper emergency evacuations by the cabin crew as well. In the accident therewere no casualties nor injuries, onboard. There was some damage to the aircraft.
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