Stay-at-home orders must be followed for as long as needed


With higher numbers of Coronavirus infection cases, compared with other parts of the country, Yangon Region’s seven townships have imposed stay-at-home orders, taking effect today.
In its announcement, the Ministry of Health and Sports said that it issued the order to effectively contain the spread of the infectious disease.
The need for this move is not in doubt. The coronavirus is infecting more people every day in the Yangon Region. Nationwide, the number of cases reached 98 yesterday, of which about 80 are in Yangon.
Regarding the order, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivered a message to the people yesterday on her Facebook Account, stating “….The people cooperating is the key. This situation is not easy for anyone.”
Yangon is expected to see more infections, which also means more hospitalizations.
The only way to reverse the increase in infections is with drastic stay-at-home orders which, like this one, should also become more prevalent across the country.
According to the order, people included in the Stay at Home programme in the seven townships must abide by the following rules.
a. To stay only in their homes (Those who are responsible for critical work at government departments, organizations, companies, factories and workshops will be excluded)
b. When going shopping, only one person per household may leave and only for unavoidable reasons
c. When going to hospitals or clinics, only one person per household may leave if the need arises.
d. To wear masks when going outside.
e. To allow only authorized vehicles to pass through wards, and ferries providing transportation service to those who are to go to workplaces to assume their charge of duties.
f. The vehicle is to carry only a driver and a passenger for venturing out to shop in the wards, and only a driver and two persons when going to hospital or clinic.
This situation is not easy for anyone. But, the rules are something we all have to comply with.
To contain the disease, the health authorities have also banned the gathering of five or more. But, the now-familiar term of “social distancing” still applies. We need to stay at least six feet from each other to avoid catching the virus.
The best way we can protect ourselves and our family members is to do what this order says: stay at home.
No one knows how long this order will remain in effect. All we can do is comply and help our families and neighbors, as much as possible.
Let us again convey the message from the State Counsellor to our people. “The people cooperating is the key. This situation is not easy for anyone.”

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