Steps taken for construction of Hanthawaddy International Airport Project in Bago

hanthawaddy international airport render 72
An artist’s impression of Hanthawaddy International Airport.

The leading committee on the construction of the Hanthawaddy Airport held its first meeting at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
Speaking at the meeting, Vice President U Henry Van Thio, chairman of the leading committee, in his capacity as the chairman of the committee, stressed the need for ensuring transparency and systematic implementation of the project.
He also pledged that the project would be implemented during the time of the incumbent government, considering it a national project.
“On completion of building the international airport, it will become a major gateway for international airlines to use and operate their businesses. So it will be implemented as a national project, thus the need for transparency for the public,” the Vice President said.
The Vice President stressed the need for respective ministries and regional and state cabinets to take part in the discussions about situations on an official development assistance (ODA) loan, potential difficulties, convenience of water supply and power supply, upgrading the current roads linking with the airport, having the ownership of the project area registered under the name of the Department of Civil Aviation and moving the squatters living in the project area to designated places.
Under the current situation, Yangon International Airport has been experiencing many difficulties — inability to expand the current runway and lack of parking space for aircrafts, noise problems around the clock for those living in the area, shared use of the airport together with the air force and restrictions for aircrafts to land and take off.
“In addition, the need for more passenger planes and cargo planes is likely to increase in the near future, for which we will continue to abide by the safety standards prescribed by international civil aviation organizations. So, it is urgently needed to construct a high-quality airport for international passenger aircrafts and cargo planes,” said U Henry Van Thio.
To fulfill the need, the Hanthawaddy International Airport project was implemented, which is an essential airport for the future that will help with the development of Myanmar’s economy. It is a project based on PPP system (Private-Public Partnership), tendered in 2012, he added.
Afterward, Union Minister U Thant Zin Maung clarified the need for an expansion of international airports, consultation with respective ministries for cooperation and preparation for the imminent emergence of an international airport, followed by explanations of U Min Lwin, Director-General of the department of civil aviation. In the meeting, he explained the need for an additional airport in Myanmar.—Myanmar News Agency

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