Stock trading on YSX hit over Ks80.9billion over a year

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People stand outside the YSX in downtown Yangon.

The values of stock trading on Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) has reached over Ks80.9billion over the past year, according to the statistics of YSX.
Last year, the monthly stock trading values by FMI on YSX were over Ks24 billion in March and over Ks5billion in April. With MTSH entering YSX on 20th May, stock trading values of FMI and MTSH amounted to over Ks 16billion in May and over Ks 6billion in June and over Ks 3.7billion in July respectively. After MCB listed on YSX, the monthly stock trading values were over Ks2.9 billion in August, over Ks 2.4 billion in September, over Ks 4billion in October and over Ks 2.2 billion in November. YSX stock trading in December hit all-time low with the trading value of over Ks1.6billion this year, it is learnt from monthly report of YSX.
In 2017, with the debut of First Private Bank (FPB) on YSX, the stock trading hit over Ks2.8billion in Jan, over Ks3.1billion in Feb, nearly Ks3.4billion in March and over Ks1billion as of 25th April, it is learnt.
First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) and First Private Bank (FPB) are currently trading their shares on YSX.
On 25th April, a total of 11,647 shares were traded on YSX, with 1,035 shares of FMI, 9,589 shares of MTSH and 1,023 shares of FPB. MCB frequently hit zero trading and only three days were seen to have a stock trading this month.
The share prices are Ks16,000 for FMI, Ks4,000 for MTSH, Ks8,700 for MCB and Ks29,000 for FPB at the closing time.


Ko Khant

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