Stone Village Resort in Momauk draws travellers

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Stone village resort in Momauk. Photo: Maung Chit Lin (Inndaw)

Stone Village Resort in Momauk has proven to be a popular destination for travellers this year. The resort is located one mile away from Stone Village, Momauk Township, Bhamo District, Kachin State.
Stone Village is very close to the Momauk forest reserve, where the Hu Kaung company has cultivated some 70 acres of padauk, yamanay and pyinkatoe teak while some 100 acres are fallow and virgin land.
“We are planning to cultivate teak, jackfruit and other shady trees on the 100-acre fallow and virgin land,” said U Thein Htay, in-charge at Stone Village Resort.
The resort was named by the local people for its numerous stones on site. “Stone Village Resort is crowded with travellers during the holidays and the weekend. Entry to the resort is free. However, we collect Ks500 for the entry of motorbikes,” he added.


Maung Chit Lin (Inndaw)

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