Stop dreaming of peace

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Our country has lagged behind others in terms of social, educational and economic development due to a lack of internal peace and stability. After more than six decades of armed conflict, it seems that the resolve to armed conflict is not a solution to the restoration of peace and stability.
Despite encouraging signs of progress during peace talks between the government’s negotiation team and a senior delegation representing ethnic armed groups, the signing of the nationwide ceasefire accord remains frustratingly elusive. For both sides to make their dream of restoring peace come true, all they have to do is to stop dreaming.
The problem of persistent armed conflict among national brethren lies at the root of the failure to make a courageous and decisive effort to satisfy common needs and stimulate the wellbeing of all ethnic groups residing across the country.
Undoubtedly, poverty is something that will persist in the absence of peace and stability. Ending poverty demands a moral obligation to help the vulnerable through the correct use of natural resources so as to avert the adverse effects of widespread economic injustice. Under no circumstances should economic reforms result in making the rich richer.
It is time for the government and the ethnic armed groups to revive a spirit of fraternity and solidarity in the belief that there is no alternative but to support one another and create a society that respects each other’s differences. All things considered, unity in diversity is an essential element of peace and stability, given the fact that our country is home to more than one hundred ethnic groups.

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