Stop Hatred, Atrocity and Terrorism

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It was at US LST 10:30 pm on October 1 (Myanmar LST 12 noon on October 2), 2017. There happened in Las Vegas, a renowned city for its casinos and nightclubs of United States of America, a shooting against innocent people into the crowd from the 32nd floor room of the “Mandalay Bay” Resort and Casino. The horrific act of violence claimed 59 lives, injuring over 400 people, it was learnt. The death toll reached at least 60 and more than 500 were injured in the shooting. But, surely it is the horrible one. It was an incident which is to be recorded as the deadliest mass shootings since 1991 in the history of USA.
    It was a mass shooting without any reasons or hatred or target from high above the Las Vegas Strip. According to the news released, the mass shooter named Stephen Paddock was also killed in the suicide.
    In Myanmar’s outlook and tradition, it must be noted to be too atrocious to be thought of it in their minds.
    This must be assumed to be attributed to a great gap in social and economic status and easy access to holding weapons, the weakness of the law. And, individual intellect and character may play an important role. Generally speaking, a person in his normality has no reason to harm anyone with whom the former has no connection.
    In a human’s life, living is the most important. Who has the right to decide survival of others else, of his own accord.
    Had a person decided without law, who cease to exist or who is to survive, the said situation will be the dangerous one for the human society.
    There were numerous victims due to the terrorist attacks, who decided themselves without any laws across the world. The victims had no protections of the law. They had no rights to argue. Accordingly, merciless killings without reasons need to be controlled, without satisfying themselves just by shouting human rights out aloud.
    The whole global community should try themselves to stop committing a homicide or massacre out of groundless hatred or extremism.
    We felt great sorrow for the victims who were brutally killed in a mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas, United States of America, calling for our global countries to find out terrorist attacks and simultaneously to stop terrorism.
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