Strength from diversity can help tackle challenges


Peace is sine qua non for our country, which is a union and home to diverse ethnic races.
The hopes and concerns and the needs of the people in every region of the country are the same. This reflects that our country is a Union. Without internal peace, development work in ethnic areas would not be effective and it would not benefit the local ethnic people as much as it should.
We all live on the same land and drink the same water. We all are travelers on the same boat. The resources we all rely on for our livelihood are the same.
For the perpetuation, peace, and development of the Union, we need to build unity among our ethnic people. To build unity, equitable opportunities or equal rights are necessary. That’s why our country is now marching towards the goal of establishing a Democratic Federal Union, which can guarantee equal rights to all people, protect their rights, and promote the spirit of responsibility among the people.
Our Union Spirit influences both the democracy and the federal system. In fact, the Union stands on the collective strength of our diversity. Each citizen needs to use the capacity of turning our diversity into strength.
To establish a federal Union and the unity of all diverse people, armed conflicts need to end. Only when peace prevails can the local people enjoy the fruits of development.
The government alone cannot bring development to ethnic areas. To achieve this, we need all hands on deck — the administrative machinery in the regions and states, departmental staff, parliamentarians, and those working for the judiciary sector.
The administrative machinery must guarantee freedom and security to all the ethnic people. In other words, it must underpin the rule of law. The executive pillar must uphold justice or we won’t be able to build stability. Justice is the birthright of all ethnic people and all citizens.
At the same time, the legislative sector needs to enact laws when necessary in order to protect the rights of the people of the country.
The judicial machinery must be operated in accordance with the Union Judiciary Law to ensure that all are deemed equal before the law.
On the part of the people, they must abstain from deeds and thoughts which can weaken unity. As long as we all adhere to the Union Spirit, our country will enjoy prosperity.
To achieve this, every citizen is obliged to take responsibility. We need not rely on the government or anyone else. Our collective strength can help us overcome all challenges.

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