Strengthening of Solidarity for Sovereignty

By Htun Tin Htun

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Strength lies within the body (country) and outside the body (country) as well and wish-to-do, work hard, will and wisdom are four important and great foundation and united strengths and powers for winning the great results and ultimate happiness. The five national objectives for the celebration of the 70th Independence Day 2018 are: to safeguard and protect the non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of the National Solidarity and Perpetuation of Sovereignty by the entire ethnic people; to work hard for emergence of a constitution which meets the democratic norms and can guarantee a democratic federal union; to make more efforts for implementation of the peace process; to reach the goal of “eternal peace” through political dialogue by cooperating between all national races of the Union with the Union Government and to work hard for promoting the private sector which is the driving force for the country’s economy and to be able to boost the socio-economy of the people. Right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration are eight in one unique path leading to the cessation of all sorrows and sufferings and reaching to the supreme bliss. Equity, empowerment, employment and environment need to be paid attention for the development of human beings in this planet. No one is above the law and rule of law everywhere is of paramount importance for the governance in implementing development activities of various socio-economic projects and programmes. Great leader has to serve the people of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar with the qualities such as see the future, engage and develop others, reinvent continuously, value respect and relationship and embody values. Time and tide waits for no man and timely and swift action is needed to be carried out for any encroachment and invasion of our national sovereignty. Human Buddha Way, based on the five moral precepts (great charity), four universal cardinal virtues (loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity), four noble truths and noble eightfold path (mind-centered teaching), is a way of life of the majority of the people in Myanmar while we respect and co-exist with all religions at home and across the world. End of poverty, end of hunger, end of corruption, end of ethnic armed conflicts, end of discrimination, end of gender inequality, end of war, end of terrorism, end of illiteracy, end of belligerency, end of brutality, end of bullying, end of acrimony, end of aggression, end of agony, end of apprehension, end of atrocity, end of enmity, end of aversion and there are many more “end of—-” in our world based on greed/craving, anger/hatred and delusion/ignorance. Nothing is impossible to one with wish-to-do, effort, mind and wisdom to end of such unsatisfactory conditions in this planet. Ignoble speech, manner and livelihood must be abstained for keeping and observing morality/discipline/character which is the great power to co-exist and live in peace and harmony in this world. Networking of Myanmar citizen living all corner of the world needs to be strengthened through the association of Myanmar community based on the loving-kindness and compassion in action. Federalism is of great importance and need to be finalized in order to have a strong foundation for the Federal Union that is all ethnic peoples in the Union of Myanmar are looking for and reaching to.
Solidarity of the people of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is very much important nowadays in order to safeguard, defend and protect from the invaders and encroachment of the national sovereignty and we need to face our future and we need to be brave in our thoughts, speech and actions. Our road to peace is like a marathon and to successfully complete and achieve it, we need firm determination, good attitude and in addition, an eager will. Let us work together to show how much we love and value peace and to face the judgment of our next generation and history without guilt and with honour.

In the upcoming decades we need to think about what kind of country or what kind of Union we want our children to inherit; we need to think whether we should leave a country besieged with armed conflicts and differences, which is deprived of happiness due to lack of national reconciliation or peace, and looked down upon for lagging behind other countries. During our long journey to eternal peace and sustainable development, we need to support and assist each other with consideration and empathy whenever and wherever we face hardships and challenges. All of us accept that the root cause of the ongoing internal armed conflicts in the country is the result of not solving political problems by political means and agree that a federal system is the only solution for the internal armed conflicts. Realizing that the unity and solidarity of the people of the nation is greatly needed and the country would be put under pressure and bullied by others if there was no unity and solidarity in the country; all stakeholders in the peace process are therefore urged to continue to march to the goal of peace with mutual understanding, mutual trust and tolerance. If we cooperate, collaborate, coordinate and compromise with each other with mutual trust and understanding we will achieve our ultimate goal of peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness. The Union Spirit “One Team, One Vision” shall be a base for holding political dialogues for national reconciliation and peace even though the stakeholders come from different groups and all of us have been walking to the same path together. Your mutual understanding and mutual trust is of great importance for the negotiation of crucial political agreements by political partners.
From the history, the most valuable thing we have extracted is three main national causes-non-integration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of national sovereignty. Our Three National Causes is the national duty our all national people have to safeguard and the entire national people need to cooperate with the Tatmadaw in safeguarding the causes as the saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water”, all the people, without discrimination against race or religion, have to safeguard, protect and defend any aggression and encroachment with the Union Spirit. Rule of law is necessary to build a Union based on democracy and federal system with full rights and guarantees of democracy, national equality and self-administration.
Sovereignty of a nation is of paramount importance for safeguarding of the interest of the people and everybody in the nation is concerned as a national cause. “One for All and All for One” will make us to be “Unity is Strength” to defend and safeguard the sovereignty of the nation. Victory begets enmity; the defeated dwell in pain; happily the peaceful live, discarding both victory and defeat, this is the teaching of the Awakened One, the Buddha. Easy to do are things that are bad and harmful to oneself; but exceedingly difficult to do are things that are good and beneficial. Recognizing that we must adhere to three Universal Truths- liberty, equality and justice and we need to proceed with justice, freedom and equality in building a Democratic Federal Union which is the hope and wish of the people, while safeguarding Our Three Main National Causes-our national interest. Ethnic peoples of the Union of Myanmar wish to live in harmony and peace, to fully realize the rights guaranteed and assured in Panglong Agreement signed on 12, February 1947, while the country restored her independence and established the Union. In democratic system, the people have to make demands in a democratic way and within the framework of law; only then, will it be in line with the people’s wishes. Getting the right things done through the right thought, speech, actions and efforts by the smart, strong, stout and straightforward people with the good government and right governance is our desired goal. “No one above the law” and “Accountability” are two important factors from political point of view to determine the rule of law and without these two factors rule of law cannot exist. The main thing is that everyone must act in accord with the law and no one is above the law; any person or organization must respect the existing laws in carrying out any kind of their duties; the law cannot be abused as a tool. Your/ their/ our mindset is the most important to make a change in the country, to protect and defend the independence and to safeguard the sovereignty of the country with your loyalty, courage and Union spirit.
May Myanmar citizen and those who possess Myanmar blood from all over the world be free from all dangers and sufferings and join hand in hand in defending our independence and safeguarding our sovereignty!!!!!

References: The GNLM Newspaper, 16th October 2017

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