Strive to show culture and manner of nation and nationals to tourists


The tourism industry creates millions of jobs and business opportunities in global countries. It is a drive for new generations to enjoy natural and ancient cultural heritages and preservation tasks.
Some tourism developing countries earn income from the tourism industry as a key role in the State economy. And, it is the third-largest export sector of the global economy. Moreover, the tourism sector is of great importance in the exploration of new sites for humans, culture and exposures as well as conservation of natural biodiversity.
As the tourism industry is important not only for Myanmar but for the whole world, all global countries including Myanmar are implementing the tourism sector in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations for systematic development in the long run.
According to the data of the Asia-Pacific Tourism Board on arrivals of international tourists in 2021-23, the number of tourist arrivals to Myanmar is expected to reach 0.5 million to 1.8 million in 2023. But such a situation depends on control of COVID-19 infection and peace and stability of the State.

In fact, the tourism service is a chance for the country and the people to show their fine and polite culture and manner to the guests at an opportune time.

Since its establishment, the State Administration Council prioritizes the resumption of domestic tourism services. In the Thingyan period of 2021, more than 430,000 local travellers paid visits to destinations in the nation. As variant COVID-19 infection started in early June, officials of the Ministry of Health and Sports, volunteers and people should participate in the prevention, control and treatment of the pandemic. Myanmar needs to implement Agri Tourism, Farming Tourism and Nature-based Tourism in addition to ecotourism, community-based tourism, marine tourism and so on to be able to earn income for booming the tourism industry.
In fact, securing success in the tourism industry needs work in concert with local authorities, relevant organizations and local people. Moreover, residents in relevant tourism areas need to follow disciplines to show their good and able citizen manner to the tourists without too much eagerness to earn the income while giving assistance to the local and foreign tourists who need helps.
In fact, the tourism service is a chance for the country and the people to show their fine and polite culture and manner to the guests at an opportune time.

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