Striving together with “collective strength” of the people

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  • “The greatest strength of a democratic transition, the involvement of the people, is also its greatest challenge. To weld together the will and purpose of millions into a whole that allows the wonderful diversity of our country to shine through is a formidable undertaking. I believe that our people have the capacity to meet this challenge and to carry the transition to a successful conclusion, which will be the starting point of a new, better era for our nation”, said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the 43rd Singapore Lecture entitled, “Democratic Transition in Myanmar: Challenges and the Way Forward”, during her recent visit to Singapore.
    The Union of Myanmar is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country where many ethnic nationalities with different cultural backgrounds and faiths live together. It is important to create harmony and unity in diversity. The State Counsellor underscored the point that people’s participation in the democratic transformation process is a powerful strength as well as a big challenge. The State Counsellor reiterated her belief that the citizens of Myanmar would successfully overcome the challenges of the democratic transformation process.
    In a message sent by President U Win Myint, on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, he mentioned that the democratic system is based on the theory which stated that, “democratic government is to serve the people, not the people are to serve the government.” To nurture democracy, we have to abstain from wrong-doings and it is necessary for all to take part in establishing democratic roots in our country to foster peace, development, human rights and rule of law.
    Collective strength and concerted efforts exerted by all the nationalities are crucial in building a Democratic Federal Union which all our people aspire to. We are also witnessing that the entire people are collectively striving for the emergence of a Democratic Federal Union. As a democratic system is centered on people’s collective strength and power, we have to put people’s aspirations and desires at the forefront.
    Since a democratic government is to serve its people, it should strive to work in truth, justice and without any blemish in the interest of the people. At present, one can witness that current Government is effectively carrying out its responsibilities as a people’s government and a democratic government.
    Therefore, cooperation is of great importance for all ethnic nationals to be able to strive together with the “collective strength” of the people to bring about a united and harmonious society in the spirit of mutual understanding, respect, trust and amity as well as for successfully building a Democratic Federal Union.
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