Strong institutions needed to sustain democracy

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  • Democracy is a culture, rather than a system, as it involves not only political, but also social, economic, and philosophical values.
    In order for our country to succeed in building a democracy, we need the relevant institutions that are based on democratic values to be strong.
    In addition to a country’s Constitution and its critical provisions —freedom of expression, freedom of association, and rule of law —governance-related institutions, such as the civil service, the judiciary, the military, and other local institutions, need to be developed for the growth and maintenance of a democratic culture.
    These are believed to be the key institutions that can contribute significantly towards sustaining a democracy, if they become effective in their roles.
    The future of our next generation depends on the goodwill, diligence, and ability of these important institutions to implement policies that ensure the development of democracy.
    There is a common belief that the process of building a democracy is never complete. Democracy is both a process and a goal.
    Institutions based on democratic values are also best equipped to carry out the democratization process and to help reach the goal of democracy.
    Strengthening democratic institutions, values, and practices is the most effective way of preventing conflict, both within and between societies, so as to promote security for all.
    In this age of globalization, all individuals who are outstanding in their respective field can get a place in the international community.
    To be able to pull the majority of our citizens out of poverty, our democratic institutions need to be strong and practice genuine goodwill.
    Only strong democratic institutions and practices, based on the principles of pluralism, inclusion, and the rule of law, can lay the foundation for societies in which the rights and interests of all can be promoted and protected.
    The right attitude or goodwill of each institution is the most important factor to reach our goal of establishing a democracy. Each institution should be brave enough to listen to the voices of critics and to try to understand the people. Besides, these institutions should have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to choose the right way.
    With an understanding of right and wrong, and by carrying out reforms, the pragmatic approach of the institutions towards sustaining a democracy would be a key factor in building our democracy and raising it beyond slogans and signboards.
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