Students of Youth Integrity Camp 2019 discuss corruption, integrity with international youth via video conferencing

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Youth Integrity Camp students and international Slovenian and Papua New Guinean youth discussing anti-corruption via video conferencing.  Photo: MNA

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in collaboration with Ministry of Education organized Youth Integrity Camp 2019 with technological assistance from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Two selected groups from the camp discussed anti-corruption with Slovenian and Papua New Guinean youths via video conferencing.
For discussion, fifteen selected youth were divided into two groups. They went into discussion with Papua New Guinean youths in the morning and with Slovenian youth in the afternoon.
During the discussion, they talked over youth involvement in anti-corruption, effort to bring about quality integrity, challenges, experience, success, encouragement , and strategies.
It was reported that this session of discussion was held with the aim of letting young people know the international youth involvement in anti- corruption and upswing of integrity worldwide.
Then, Danish Ambassador John Nielsen shared his country’s experience of tackling corruption with camp teachers and students. He also spoke of collaboration between Myanmar and Denmark, and the cost of corruption with regard to social and economic failure for the country and her people.
ACC Chairman U Aung Kyi attended the event .
The camp will be held until 7th June.—MNA (Translated by Alphonsus)

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