Study tour to promote conservation of Popa Langur, only 300 left in Myanmar and the world

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In order to promote the preservation of Popa Langur, a species of monkey found only in Myanmar in the world with its population of only about 300, a study tour will be launched, according to Ko Tin Ko Min of Maha Giri group which is organizing the trip.

Popa Langur study tour will take place from 6am to 6pm on 4 June, and each group of five people will study the Mount Popa Geopark where Popa Langur lives. In the excursion, ten people will be granted free participation, he said.

“At present, as we have little funds, we will give free participation to only ten persons. Each group will consists of five persons and will study in the places where they live. People are interested. We will discourage the guests from eating monkey meat and keeping them as pets. And we will advise them to grow plants and fruits that monkeys eat. If a regional organization cuts down the trees, they should avoid such trees. There are only about 300 of them in the world and only in Myanmar. Our purpose is to promote conservation,” he said.

photo 2024 05 28 18 38 02
Popa Langur, a rare monkey species found only in Mt Popa area, Myanmar.

After the world was told about Popa Langur in 2020, a study tour to promote conservation was done on 4 June last year for the first time and it will be the second time this year while they are trying to mark 11 November as the Popa Langur Preservation Day, he explained.

Due to deforestation and farmland expansion, their habitat is shrinking and they also face the danger of keeping them as pets and killing.

“They mainly hunt the mother monkey, When the mother dies, baby monkey is left. They sell these babies. Some people buy them to keep as pets out of compassion. They should not be kept as pets. As there are buyers, the hunters continue targeting these monkeys. As they live in the jungle, it is the best they are released into the jungle,” he said.


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