Successfully eradicate drug abuse and trafficking


The government is accelerating the development of the country to render from all sides to control the drug problem that hinders the development of the country as the country is severely facing challenges related to poppy cultivation, synthetic drug production and drug abuse.
Authorities concerned are implementing the alternative development management sector, crops substitution sector and livestock breeding sector. Even though poppy cultivation and production were a major problem in Myanmar, now, Myanmar is also severely faced with the production, trafficking and distribution of synthetic drugs.
In order to effectively carry out drug law enforcement activities, the country has purchased and installed advanced modern detection equipment and is taking action to identify drug trafficking activities effectively. The Drug Enforcement Division under the Myanmar Police Force has 11 sub-divisions and 71 task forces, and they are being deployed all over the country to carry out effective drug control measures.
In 2023, Myanmar saw a slight increase in illegal poppy cultivation. Therefore, the persuasion by Tatmadaw, MPF, and various departments to local ethnic communities in drug prevention efforts through educational activities has led to the destruction of 6,181 acres of poppy fields in the 2023-2024 season.
In order to reduce the production of synthetic drugs, Synthetic Drug Production reduction can only be achieved by effectively controlling the illegal entry of controlled precursors and non-controlled chemicals. Therefore, Myanmar has prescribed 39 types of chemicals as controlled substances and is conducting strict inspections to prevent any diversion of these chemicals. Likewise, the government communicates with foreign countries through the Pre-Export Notification (PEN) system for the export of precursors and to ensure that the chemicals don’t get diverted anyway.
While the government is fighting against Drugs activities, it has been found that terrorists are taking advantage of the current political instability to burn down towns and villages, expanding their force, destabilizing the areas where their ethnic groups live by carrying out destructive activities to cause economic decline, and people are being denied access to education in cities and villages.
The country carried out 40 drug special operations from 2013 to 2024 overall. In 2023, “Operation 39” was conducted on a nationwide scale, and since vast quantities of narcotic drugs and essential precursors used in the drug production process were successfully seized, Operation 39/24 is also currently underway. While reunifying drug addicts who have completed medical treatment in society, the government is striving to successfully eradicate narcotic drugs by all means for the sake of new generations.

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14 July 2024