Summer onions reach highest price in three years


Around 102,000 visses of summer onions entered the Bayintnaung market with the highest price on 7 June, according to the Bayintnaung Onion Market.
Summer onions peaked in the three years from 2020 to the present. Today, the wholesale price for one viss of Onion at the Monywa’s Market is K1,000-1,300-1,400-1,500. The price of one viss from the Seikphyu area is K925-1,175-1,275-1,325,” said Ko Myint Lwin, an onion buyer.
Ma Hla Hla Win, an onion farmer in Pale Township, said that the price of onions has risen this year due to low onion production and high demand for export to foreign counties.
In the first week of June 2020, onion costs 475-550 kyats per viss in the Seikphyu area. There was K650-750 per viss in Myittha and in the first week of June 2021 it was only K175-K375 respectively, according to the previous prices of the same period last year.
In the first week of June 2022, 198,000 visses of onion arrived in Bayintnaung from all over the country. Seikphyu onion is traded at K775-1,025-1,075-1,175 per viss, according to the Bayintnaung Commodity Exchange.
On 6 and 7 June, the price of onion from Monywa rose by 200 kyats per viss in Bayintnaung Market. The onion price has risen by K150 per viss in Seikphyu, said Aung Ko, a potato buyer in the Lanmadaw Nyaung Pin Lay Market.
On 7 June, the price of a viss of onion at the Monywa Commodity Exchange was K1,350 per viss.
On that day, the Pakokku Onion Market was priced at K1,000 per viss for small onions and K1,300 per viss for big onions, according to the market sources.
On 7 June, the price for a small ball of onion was K650 per viss at the Seikphyu Market while bigger onions were traded at K1,150 per viss and reached 18,000 visses in total.
In December 2017, the wholesale price of a viss of summer onions was only K3,050, but in the first week of January 2018, the wholesale price of fresh onions from Pakokku and Myingyan was K2,550-3,050-3,150-3,250 per viss.
In January 2020, the wholesale price of rain onion was K1,500-1,800-2,000 per viss, and at the end of December, the price of summer onion was only K100-200-300-400 per viss.
However, for the whole of 2021 and the end of May 2022, the wholesale price of summer and monsoon onions was less than K1,000 per viss, according to the three-year price comparison of the Bayintnaung Commodity Exchange. — TWA/GNLM

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