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Summer rice seed production on over 1,300 acres completed in Mandalay Region

Summer rice seed production is implemented on more than 1,300 acres in three districts of the Mandalay Region in the 2022-2023 Financial Year, said assistant director Daw Min Min Thwin who is in charge of seed section under the Mandalay Region Agriculture Department
A total of 1,429.5 acres of seed production farms were earlier targeted in six townships of the Mandalay Region. The project started at the end of February and March, covering 811.5 acres in Mandalay District, 483 acres in PyinOoLwin and 10 acres in Yamethin townships; totalling 1,304.5 acres.
“Seed production of rice crops was carried out in Mandalay, PyinOoLwin and Yamethin districts. The department is cooperating with private institutions on seed production. The seed varieties are Shwethweyin, Shwemanaw, Super Hnankauk, Sin Ekari 3, Sinthuka, 90-day variety and Manaw Thuka. The harvest of summer paddy seed farms will begin in the end-June and July. Last year, 6,532 acres of summer paddy produced certified seeds,” she elaborated.
Ninety-six farmers and ten private companies were involved in the seed production of rice crops in 16 villages in six townships. The regional government provides a subsidized rate of urea fertilizer (for half a bag of urea per acre). The department also contributes agricultural inputs and seeds under the Union Government’s scheme. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/GNLM

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