Supports are needed for breadwinners


Fathers are still regarded as the breadwinner in many areas of the world. They have to take duty to work for the family and to earn money for the family members as the financial providers. Not only they have to manage and make the future plans for the family, but also they have to deal with external problems not to inflict negative effects on the family members.
Some breadwinners have no limit of working hours, sometimes, with long and extended period for the family, suffering physical effects and staining their mental, emotional and psychological health.
In these circumstance, the breadwinner expects his family members to live in unity. As he is facing many challenges outside, his family members should support him physically and mentally. Unity is a motivation force for him.
While he is trying to get a good impression of the household, the family members should not tarnish the image of family. If the family members do not coexist peacefully, his efforts outside the family will not gain fruitful result.
Moreover, family members should not waste incomes systematically. Income may vary time to time in relation to flocculating environment. To ensure a happy and debt-free household, every family member must take their respective duties. The development and prosperity of a family are concerned with individuals in the family. Living harmoniously and striving earnestly in the family will be helpful for the breadwinners.
Family members will have different perspectives and views. And they will insist their standpoint when they believe themselves that they have been mature well. However, they should keep in mind that they are living in a family which can provide shelter and food. Only then the breadwinners of family will have more confidence in doing the welfare of their families.

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