Suspect preparing for ‘Silent Strike’ arrested; homemade mines seized in Chanayethazan Township

The combined security forces conducted a patrol at the corner of 30th and 63rd streets in Pyigyimyathman Ward of Chanayethazan Township on 8 December. During the patrol, they examined Khine Zin Zuu and seized pamphlets and one cloth bearing letters for ‘Silent Strike’. Then, they raided her house in Pyigyimyathman Ward of Chanayethazan Township and seized 100 homemade mines, 33 gunpowder cords, 30 shields, three bullet-proof vests, one Bakatha flag with peacock logo, various kinds of medicines and other materials used in protests.
According to the confession of Khine Zin Zuu, the leader of protests in Mandalay is NLD extremist Thura Aung (yet to be arrested) and he rented a house in Yaynimyaung street in Pyigyimyathman Ward of Chanayethazan Township for the protestors to live in. Six people who are yet to be arrested — Hla Hla, Wint Wah, Nyein Chan Pyae Sone, Hein Min Zaw and Soe Lin Aung — lived there and made riots in Mandalay.
Suspect Khine Zin Zuu admitted that Hein Min Zaw bought signboards, posters and clothes used in protests and Thura Aung mainly provided needed materials, food and accommodation for protestors.
Moreover, according to the instruction of Thura Aung, they made a plan to organize ‘Silent Strike’ on 10 December to mislead the international community that the administrative machinery is destroyed and attack on those who go out regularly on that day.
The people are urged to report regarding movements and hiding places of terrorists to the nearest security forces and they will be rewarded covertly. — MNA

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