Suspects of robbery case on Insein overpass arrested

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On 19 December, U Hnin Ngwe, owner of Kyon Sin jewellery shop opened in the Insein market of Zaygon Ward in Insein Township, returned to his house together with his wife Daw Thuzar Aye and son Maung Maung Thet Khaing from his shop. When they arrived in the middle of the Insein overpass, a white car Probox YGN-5F/7939 blocked their way and robbed two handbags containing four visses and 50 ticals of gold worth of (K720 million) and ran away.
The police investigated to arrest the suspects, and on the evening of 22 December, they seized the Probox car and one homemade bomb on that car at Arkar Kyaw car workshop near Danyingon railway station in Insein township.
When they inspected the owner of the car, they arrested Thant Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke and Aye Aye Han (aka) Thei Thei at No 913 in No 42 Ward of Dagon Myothi (North) in the evening together with K1,140,000, 165 gold rings, 14 pairs of gold earrings, four necklaces, two hand chains, 46 gold chains and 15 bracelets.
According to the confession of Thant Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke, the police arrested Baw Ga with K900,000, 97 gold rings, 14 pairs of earrings, 40 gold necklases, eight hand chains, 20 gold chains and eight bracelets at Mudita Housing (2) in Ywama (West) Ward of Insein Township in the evening while Than Myint Soe (aka) Soe Lay, Thin Thin Wai and Khine Hnin Wai at Thawka Street in North Okkalapa Township together with K13.5 million, 20 rings, two hand chains, one gold chain, four pairs of earrings, two gold buttons and one Probox taxi.
According to the words of Than Myint Soe (aka) Soe Lay, the police arrested Hein Zaw Tun (aka) Ko Hein at Kyat Chan Kwin (1) Ward in Mayangon Township at night and Sithu Phyo (aka) Sithu Htwe in Thamine Myothit Ward on the morning of 23 December together with K900,000, 30 pairs of earrings and one ring. Insein Map EDMH
Based on the confession of Hein Zaw Tun (aka) Ko Hein, the police arrested Zin Nyein Aung (aka) Zin Ko Win and Moe Zin Oo (aka) Myo Min Oo in Baho Street in No 2 Ward of Mayangon Township together with 25 pairs of earrings, one gold ring and 5,450 WY tablets at noon on 23 December.
In this case, the police arrested 10 suspects— 7 males and 3 females together with K16,440,000, 284 rings, 87 pairs of earrings, 44 necklaces, 12 hand chains, 67 chains, 23 bracelets, two gold buttons, 5,450 WY tablets and two taxies.
The suspects admitted that Thant Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke and BawGa discussed robbing the Kyon Sin gold shop in November and inspected the condition of the shop. Then, Thet Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke ordered Bawga to hire another persons and so he communicated with Sithu Phyo (aka) Sithu Htwe and other suspects who are still at large Zaw Lin, Nay Zaw, Kalar, Hmat Gyi and Cho Oo to rob.
They assigned the duties such as the vehicle driven by Thant Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke to block the way of his car and another car carrying Than Myint Soe (aka) Soe Lay and Zaw Lin (still at large) had to follow the vehicle driven by U Hnin Ngwe. Sithu Pyo (aka) Sithu Htwe and Hmat Gyi (still at large) and Cho Oo (still at large) had to wait at the left side of the Insein overpass while Nay Zaw and Kala, who are still at large, at the right side of the road.
After they assigned the duties, Baw Ga inspected the working hours of the gold shop from 16 to 19 December. On 19 December, the suspects robbed the gold shop according to the fixed procedures. The suspects shared the robbed materials. The suspect Baw Ga kept K4 million at Thant Zin Oo (aka) Wa Toke and used the remaining amount. Than Myint Soe (aka) Soe Lay sold some gold materials at K16 million. Sithu Phyo (aka) Sithu Htwe gave some gold to Hein Zaw Tun (aka) Ko Hein and Zin Nyein Aung (aka) Zin Ko Win to boil them.
The suspects committed robbery taking chances on the doings of PDF terrorist groups that intentionally conducted bomb attacks to threaten the public, killed innocent people, destroyed CCTVs and Control Box. The suspects robbed the gold after using drugs. Therefore, the people can report to the security forces regarding the activities of PDF and those who give information will be awarded covertly. — MNA

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