Switch to organic farming to produce safer food

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  • Today, people of the world demand food that is safe to eat. In the past, countries focused only on sufficient food production.
    But the time has come to practice methods that take climate change into account in order to produce safe food and to improve the livelihoods of farmers.
    Myanmar has prospects for regaining its past status as the top rice export country. The agriculture sector continues to play a large part in development of the country.
    Myanmar’s rice exports this fiscal year was more than 3 million tons, the most in over 70 years. The government has pledged to support the farmers and urged them to pass the integrity and value of agriculture on to their children.
    Meanwhile, our country’s farmers and stakeholders are turning to organic farming, as the world is moving towards healthier organic crops.
    The change in the global agriculture sector has brought opportunities to our farmers, their children and stakeholders.
    If young people embrace agricultural opportunities, we can overcome challenges such as the shortage of farm labour that is occurring in developed countries, where youths from rural areas walk away from farms to take jobs in cities.
    To boost the agricultural sector with safe crops, the country has to tackle the challenges of erratic weather, capacity and technical know-how to produce value-added products and dependence on foreign market demand.
    The issue of high transportation costs, which causes problems in the supply chain, is another challenge.
    To help our agriculture sector, the most important thing should do is doing research on climate change and we must change our country’s weaknesses in performing research for the new system of agriculture.
    It is very important to do research on a new system of agriculture which is based on climate change.
    For our agricultural produce, we will have to set the target of meeting the international standard in terms of safety and nutrition in the future whether we want to do it or not.
    The time has come for us to improve our food standards so as to meet ASEAN standards and compete successfully in foreign markets.
    Today, experts from agricultural departments are disseminating knowledge about organic farming to local farmers as part of efforts for promoting sustainable agricultural methods in the country.
    Growers need to practice organic methods based on climate change following the instructions of agricultural experts to produce safe, quality food and fruits to penetrate more markets.
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