Sycophants, nepotism and craving for power will destroy our society

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At this time when we are engaged in building our country into a modern, developed federal democratic union, we all are responsible to take an active part by contributing our labor, knowledge and skills as much as we can. Our contribution may be infinitesimal, as little as a grain of sand but ours can be a great force, when computed on a nationwide scale. Human innovation and knowledge of science and technology has been developing gradually beginning from the early period of human history.  Now western countries and some eastern ones also have advanced enough to grasp cutting-edge technologies. Yet, some people are enjoying themselves in the rut of old systems, practices and mindsets, daydreaming to build their edifices of hopes. They seem to think that their existence will last forever. In fact, our Lord Buddha says, “All beings and all things are subject to impermanence. Only impermanence always will exist.” In answer to the demands of different conditions and different societies, different political systems emerged in our world. Duration of its existence depends on the acceptance of people under that particular system. Though the system might have started with good aims and intentions, it finally collapsed due to the unfair treatment of manipulators of that system.
“Evil disciples can ruin a good king,” as a Myanmar adage goes. Then, who are evil disciples and what do they do? In brief, they are none other than sycophants and they practice nepotism and encourage cronyism. At one time our young minds mostly may have been pure, but in time our minds have become tainted with various colors of greed, hatred and lust. Thus, the minds of our citizens have become adulterated. What I mean is that those who claimed at one time that they wished to devote themselves for the betterment of the country by joining government services turned up to be ultra-opportunists. According to the saying, “People can endure sufferings of poverty but tend to yield to the influence of wealth,” they became the worst and the cruelest ones in our society. Suffice it to say that sycophants will be waiting for their chance to destroy our present democratic movement toward a modern and developed federal Union by exercising nepotism and cronyism.
Youths, or rather those with pure minds can move on to our common goal under the leadership of our current government under good and able leaders.  They need to be well equipped with skills in leadership, management, management of business enterprises and many other sectors and try to make determined efforts and try to learn from the leaders. The most important thing is for them emulate good role models with good morals, so that they could shoulder the responsibility of building our nation. Here, I would like to say that we need to invite the above-said groups to join the movement towards democracy, modernization and development by abandoning their existences as sycophants practicing nepotism and cronyism.

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