Synchronize building families and the nation with human resources

Human resources such as intellectuals and intelligentsia are crucial in building a country or a region. In order to turn out well-versed human resources, it is necessary to give encouragement to the youths of the nation or the region to learn school education as well as accumulate general knowledge.
Those who have weak education and knowledge will be weak in critical thinking and outlook. It will cause impacts on individuals or regional development. With regard to the education standard of Myanmar, as some 60 per cent of the total population is under the fifth grade of basic education, it is a situation which is dangerous for the State. Hence, the government is striving for creating chances for students to learn school education under the KG+9 scheme without fails.
It is believable that such a scheme will reflect the improvement of agriculture and livestock farming tasks. Consequently, productivity will increase, contributing much to regional development. Meanwhile, the government will provide necessary assistance for the development of the regions. It is not a dream. Even if it is a dream, every citizen needs to make concerted efforts in realizing such a scheme for the glittering nation in the not-far future.
To possess such a future, the government establishes agriculture, livestock and technical education schools in 50 districts. Those who passed the examinations and tests of these schools will have the chance to join the Agriculture, Livestock and Technical Institutes depending on their qualification. Again, those qualified students will have more chances to attend relevant universities and colleges to have further studies.
Great options can be seen in front of today’s youths. Every option is an entrance to their better lives. It is sure that whatever they choose, these options will not be wrong for their lives. These will be great chances for them in building better lives as well as contributing to nurturing skilled workers for the nation.
Today’s agriculture and livestock farms depend on skills of applying modern machinery. Hence, skilled workers have to touch on technologies to operate relevant work arenas. The value of labour depends on skillfulness in handling the modern machinery of relevant farms through high technologies.
As such, the KG+9 scheme is the most appropriate for student youths to dream their brighter futures. Only when the youths have completed the KG+9 scheme at a minimum will they be reliable not only for their families but for society. Hence, all the entire people need to encourage the education of their offspring with colourful dreams.

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