Synergy between State and people will drive development

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  • At the inauguration of the Tikir Dam and Hydropower Station in Thantlang Township of Chin State on 20 January, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi spoke of individual responsibility of all ethnic brothers and sisters and citizens of Myanmar, and the importance of cultivating a mindset of accountability and assisting the nation. She said the most essential requirement of the government for completing its tasks is to listen to the voice of the people.
    A government is a system that assumes the responsibility of bringing benefits to a nation and its people. To this end, a government needs to know the actual needs and wishes of the people in order to gain their trust. This is why we can see the State Counsellor opening possibilities for the people to speak their mind during her trips.
    The State Counsellor has explained the role of the nation and the value of citizens saying, “a nation is a nation because of citizens that constitute it, not the other way round”.
    A ‘nation’ refers to the sovereignty that allows society to control its own destiny, and the influence exerted by it. Areas historically demarcated by ethnic races to show their sovereignty make up a ‘country’.
    In other words, ‘nation’ refers to human society and ‘country’ refers to the land inhabited by the people. This is why it is not appropriate to separate nation and country in terms of their meaning. A nation and country are established through the coexistence of multiple human communities, so it is difficult to dissociate a land from its citizens. This is why the citizens of the country must participate in the affairs of the nation.
    All citizens have their own duty towards national development and are responsible for fulfilling it. We must not place complete reliance on the government nor expect it to carry out every task by itself. We must chip in wherever we can to strengthen national development.
    It is the government’s duty to listen to the people and fulfill their aspirations, while the people of the country are equally required to participate in matters involving the nation. Our national duties include upholding the non-disintegration of the Union, establishing peaceful ties between ethnic nationals, and protecting and preserving our infrastructure, among others.
    The nation, the country, the government, the sovereignty, and all citizens need to join hands and carry out national responsibilities to ensure our society is everlasting and has sustainable development.
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