System of paying bus fare by I-Pay Card and our moral bankruptcy

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • We will suffer a disease, an illness or pain so long as we have mind and body. Whatever it is, any kind of such sufferings annoy us. Once they affect us, we need to consult with a medical doctor. Instead, if we take a cheap medicine from a road side drug shop, unnecessary side effects can result. These medicines may reduce our pain, but it is brief. In fact, drug shop sales persons are not skilled physicians. These days, drug shops are ubiquitous across the nation, especially in cities like Yangon. These are registered shops but unregistered brand medicines have occupied the shelves of many shops. The worst thing is that some people rush to road side betel-quid selling kiosks for purchasing the medicines they want. Sometime in the past, many people lost their lives in the hands of charlatans, bogus doctors and fake drugs. Due to poor management of the administrative machinery, bribery and corruption are still everywhere on the move. Many are still reluctant to abandon their bad habits. Now, we have a government we ourselves chose. We believe in the integrity and good intention of our government. Our country had been deprived of our natural resources when the incumbent government took office. The present government has many things to do in the years ahead. In fact, these result from bad legacies left by former regimes. The State Counselor once said that we need not worry about deprivation of mineral resources as long as able and energetic human resources exist. It is quite right in saying so. Some are willing to change their minds but they are not yet ready to do so, whereas some are unwilling to give up their deep-rooted habits as they are profiting from such bad habits. Some are finding and will find faults with every move the government makes although they know very well that the majority of Myanmar citizens support the government. Yet, the government we love and support will be moving on its way towards a federal democratic Union, making no aggressive responses to pessimistic criticisms. Youths, ebullient adults and those wishing to change came to take part in the government’s initiatives. This is as if they had declared themselves that they would contribute their manual labour in nation building. They all want their country to develop like Japan and Singapore. Our Myanmar youths admire the Japanese people for their discipline and hard work. Japan which had risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the Second World War is a good example to follow in many respects.
    Now, the government is changing the country step by step, hand in hand with youths and the people. Now, the new YBS (Yangon Bus Service) is gaining success. In the near future, the system of bus fares will be changed, substituted by paying bus fare by I-Pay Card or something. At that time, buses will no longer need conductors onboard. In outward appearance, the system seems to be simple. Under the present situation, there can be a lot of budget wastage from the government and bus owners. Only if the new system is successful will the government be able to collect taxes exactly as expected. And doubts existing between employers and employees will vanish automatically. Yet, there is one condition that jobs need to be created for bus conductors. We firmly believe that the government has already planned for it. Provided that there is
    no room for corrupt people
    to engage in corrupt practices, moral bankruptcy will
    be healed with the support of the people of Myanmar and the leadership of the government.

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