Ta-Arng (Palaung) National Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony

KYS Taaung copy
Daw Nan Moe

At the outset, I would like to extend my best wishes to the national-level dignitaries and other personalities from different states and regions to be auspicious and healthy.
I am Daw Nan Moe, member of Ta-Arng (Palaung) National Party Central Committee and Pyithu Hluttaw representative from Man Ton constituency of Palaung Self-administered Region. I am going to present the paper, on behalf of Ta-Arng (Palaung) National Party.
Esteemed personalities
Once we say the word “Democracy”, it goes without saying that “Democracy” is a system that the whole world accepts as “a people-governed system” derived from the people. That’s why many countries in the world have adopted a democratic system because there is no better system than democracy up to now. In this regard, we have to think how to say the fact that the power comes from the people. We can just see the title of “Oversight “on this occasion of International Democracy Day.
Who will make the adjustment regarding the thriving of democracy? The motto of the Hluttaw goes: “People’s voice, Hluttaw’s voice, People’s will is Hluttaw’s will, People’s Expectation is Hluttaw’s implementation.” As the people’s voice is the Hluttaw’s voice, the Hluttaw will take into consideration all voices of the entire people that meant to express the people’s Oversight. But, in reality, to the extent that democracy can be effective is largely dependent upon the country’s genuineness and maturity, comprehending democracy and the acceptance of people. First and foremost, let’s look at the role of checks and balances of the Hluttaw, including holding in check the ministry-wise measures for the administration sector and implementation of people welfare schemes through the approval of the Hluttaw. In many democratic nations, a series of discussion and resolutions, including warfare and political affairs of the state, can be made through the Hluttaw.
It can be called a democratic Hluttaw of the country if the citizens obey the laws, prescribe protective laws, and making checks and balances of the administrative as well as military sectors for political affairs. As for the Hluttaw, these are some of the measures that can make democracy thrive.
As for people-centered democratic nations, the role of making adjustments for the so-called “the civil oversight” is very important. Moreover, the media that claims to be the fourth pillar of democracy plays a vital role in disseminating the true news to the people, and it can help the progress of the democratization process of the country. For the fifth pillar, more efforts are needed to promote the socio-economic life of the people, and the roles of legislature, administrative, judiciary and media can be considered the essential elements of democratic nations.
As for some countries with emerging democratic system like Myanmar, it will be difficult to make adjustments when people are weak in understanding the essence of democracy. The government alone will find it difficult to enhance necessary capacity-building skills for the people. In this regard, the role of Civil Society Organizations is of pivotal importance and should be strong so that it can promote democracy, human rights and good governance together with the people.
The essence of democracy is to hold regular elections, to respect and obey the citizen rights, transparency, check and balance, political equality and freedom. Both government and people are needed to abide by the laws and regulations. To oppress the minority is against the principles of democracy, and we should not neglect the wishes of minority while making consensus with the approval of majority.
Thus it is important to make sure that there should be parliamentary oversight in order to thrive in a democratic system. It is necessary to make check and balance between the defense and administrative sectors in order to emerge good protective laws for the citizens from the Hluttaw. I would like to conclude my paper by urging to protect the interests of the citizens and to promote the role of civil oversight, that aims make the democratic system strong. May people’s democratic system live long!

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