Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party (TNP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party (TNP) General Secretary U Myln Ownn Khaine, and member of the Executive Committee Tar Hla Pe presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 18 September.

Esteemed national people
I wish you all good health and happiness.
I am U Myln Ownn Khaine, General Secretary of the Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party. I am delighted to have this opportunity to present our party’s political standpoint, vision, mission, belief, conviction, policy and action programmes. Now, I would introduce our Palaung people and Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party.
The party was established on 24 May 2010 under the registration No. 12 and will launch its organizing campaign in the whole Union.
Its base areas are Namhsan, Manton, Lashio, Kyaukme, Namtu, Hsipaw, Muse, Namkham, Kutkai and Momeik townships in Shan State (North), Namhsan and Mongkai townships in Shan State (South), Mandalay and Mogok townships in Mandalay Region, and Yangon city in Yangon Region.
We, the Palaung nationalities, have been living in unity together with their counterparts of the Union in weal and woe since yore, and we are proud of calling ourselves Ta-arng or Ta-arng”.
Although ethnic Palaungs are called Palaung, Pale, Palang, En, Riang, Loi, Tai-loi or Yin Net in the respective regions, we all are proud to recognize ourselves as Ta-ang or Ta-arng. We believe that we are the descendants of the sun dragon.
Ethnic Palaungs are living in Shan Plateau in Myanmar, Yunnan in China, hilly regions in Thailand and Assam State in India. Palaungs are the people living in plateaus and mountainous regions, and tea is our primary way of making a living. So, ‘Palaung and Tea’ or ‘Tea and Palaung’ always come together. As there is even a saying, which goes, “If you want to consume quality tea leaves, the Palaung must slowly ascend the mountain”, we would invite people desirous of enjoying good tea leaves to mountain trekking in Palaung region.
Palaung people have the sky blue flag with the picture of the sun at the centre since time immemorial. It is the old banner of the Palaung people honouring the Father Sun. Hence, our party inherit this ancient flag of our people.
As for the Myanmar national brethren, Palaung always comes in parallel with tea. Besides, tea plays a pivotal role in the ancient tradition of Myanmar traditional culture, and it is still an essential element of Myanmar society. So, Palaung people regard tea as their master of life and benefactor. So, our logo honours this tea leaf.

Esteemed national people
Six candidates of our party stood for the 2010 General Election to represent the people in the three chambers of the parliament, and 12 candidates for the 2015 General Election to represent the people in the three houses. We played the leading role in establishing the supreme body of the Palaung Self-Administered Zone. Moreover, we have been carrying out the regional development undertakings with accelerated momentum and looking into the requirements of the people in all seriousness.
Our solemn belief is that success comes through the goodwill services in the interest of the nation and the people.
As we are the party formed with the members to serve the interest of the Union and all the nationalities, we have trust in our utmost efforts in realizing our vision and mission.
Our party candidates will contest in Namhsan, Manton, Lashio, Kyaukme, Namtu, Hsipaw, Muse, Namkham, Kutkai and Momeik townships in Shan state, and Mogok township in Mandalay region. We have ten candidates for Pyithu Hluttaw, six for Amyotha Hluttaw, and 20 for state/region Hluttaws. There are a total of 36 candidates from our party.
Tar Hla Pe, a member of the Executive Committee the of Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party will now explain the political ideology, vision, mission, policy and action programmes. Thank you.

Esteemed national people
I am Tar Hla Pe, member of the Executive Committee the of Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party and Union Peace Discussion Joint Committee (UPDJC) Secretary. With respect, I wish you all the people good health and happiness.
It’s a pleasure for me to present our political ideology, vision, mission, policy and action programmes here.
The political ideology of our party calls for the emergence of a federal democratic Union, the assurance of the fundamental rights of the citizens, the flourishing of an independent and fair market economy, the national solidarity, freedom, justice and equality, and the advancement of political, economic and social sectors.
Our vision involves the task of establishing a federal democratic Union, liberty and guaranteeing a secure socio-economic life for the people.
We believe in nationalism based on liberty, justice, empathy and the strengthening of the national and cultural identity and the love for the country and the race.
The mission of the party is the strengthening of national unity, the guaranteeing of the fundamental rights of citizens and ethnic rights and self-determination, the restoration of genuine peace and the establishment of a true federal democratic Union.
Now, I will present the policy and action programmes of the party in all seriousness.
Myanmar is a Union formed with various national races, and it calls for a real Union where a sustainable unity is ensured. So, we have assigned ourselves with the task for the emergence of a genuine federal democratic Union.
Moreover, we will strive for the adoption of a constitution that fully guarantees the rights of the citizens, ethnic rights and equality.
We value the inherent rights of all while ensuring legal rights and political rights for women. We will promote and protect women through the enactment of specific laws.
We will broaden the scope of the youth sector through the nationalistic drive.
As human resources play an essential role in the future State, the party will internationalize the education field through the adoption of a national education system that encourages pioneering ideas and innovation.
The involvement of ethnic literature, languages, cultural heritage, fine arts, historical traditions in the school curriculum is also included in our action programmes, and we will prioritize the work of protecting and promoting ethnic rights and interest and unity.
The party promises protection for agriculture the main livelihood of the rural people, including farmers, and farmland and ancestral land and promotion of the socio-economy by generating jobs and alleviating poverty.
The party pledges the utmost efforts for social development undertakings that will empower the masses.
It believes that the political evolution of the country calls for settling or solving all differences and disagreement through a dialogue, which is a new political culture, to restore national reconciliation and a genuine peace permanently.
All-inclusiveness and equal rights are part of the country’s political evolution as peaceful co-existence of multiple ethnic races is an essential need. The objective existence of ethnic groups and minority races must be recognized, and diversity must be respected. So unity and diversity is a priority issue.
The essentiality of cultural freedom must be fully recognized in protecting ethnic characteristics.
The party understands the particular importance of public involvement in adopting and realizing its action programmes. It assumes that the people, as well as the political parties, have their responsibility for the correctness of actions. It seems that the participation of the people has become more systematic because of the brighter signs of the maturing democracy and the improvement of democracy culture.
We will strive for the sustainability of the existing positive foundations of people’s socio-economic life and for relaying them to the posterity.
Democracy is a government by the people, so we accept the vital importance of public involvement. So, I would request the people to thoroughly study the visions, missions, policies and work programmes of individuals and parties before casting a vote.
In conclusion, I would request the people to support the Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party in the constituencies its candidates are standing for the election.
Praying for all be free from the COVID-19 pandemic, I wish you all physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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