Tachilek border trade with China and Thailand valued at US$10.154 mln

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Truckloads are seen on the Mae Sai Road in Tachilek.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, a trading volume worth US$10.154 with China and Thailand has been recorded through the Tachilek border.
In trading with China and Thailand, the export value of $4.636 million and the import value of $5.597 million was pegged in December 2022.
In December 2022, the export values of agricultural products, forest products, fishery products and others were $0.106 million, $2.278 million, $2.18 million and $0.072 million respectively, totalling $4.636 million. Export products are dried tea leaves, oranges, sawn teak, shrimp and other items.
The import in December 2022 was worth $3.318 million in investment products, $2.127 million in industrial raw materials and $0.72 million in consumer goods, amounting to $2.57 million in toto.
Cement, vehicles and vehicle accessories, machinery and equipment, glass construction materials, electricity distribution and installation equipment, mineral construction materials, iron and steel construction materials, petroleum products, vegetable oil, chemicals, polish paints, plastic raw materials, paper, metal raw materials, soap, furniture, sports equipment and other items were imported in December 2022. — TWA/CT

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