Morning festival

By Laura Htet UDE EnglishIt is a morning of neither wind nor rain. The new born day is perfectly clear […]


By AW Khin Myat Phone Grade 11 A, BEHS 4, BotahtaungHome defines the place where we live. The meaning of […]

Please forgive me grandpa

By Alicia Third year civil engineering, Hmawbi Technological University I don’t know whose fault it is, grandpa…Is this me? You? […]


By A.W. Khin Myat Phone Grade 11A, BEHS 4, Botahtaung When we were young, we all loved watching cartoons. And […]

Mingalar Par Sayarma

As soon as the Ma Mya Khin rang the bell, all students rushed as it was raining. Then, she sat […]

Let’s collect ripe rose-apples

By Laura Htet, UDE English In the Myanmar calendar months of Waso and Wagaung, there are an abundance of water […]

Humans among humans

By Khin Moh Moh Aung Yadanabon University Living in a colorful world is a special chance for human beings. According […]

Bag full of stars

By AW Khin Myat Phone Grade 11 A, BEHS 4, Botahtaung I was amazed when I opened the bag. It […]

Flower and Lover

At the moment of a tender embrace, here comes a blossom. I love flowers and would like to cherish them. […]

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