Whatever we do, counts

[dropcap color=”#1f085d” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]T[/dropcap]here was a note in one of the articles appeared in a European online media recently that […]

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A Study of Myanmar Puppetry (Part IV)

More foreign interest in Myanmar Puppetry Frankly speaking, Myanmar puppetry to-day receives more foreign interest than national interest. At home […]



[dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0″]A[/dropcap]midst the cacophonous clamours for democracy and federalism, numerous political parties pullulated like mushrooms in the Republic of […]


Start Your Own Enterprise

[dropcap color=”#3366dd” font=”0″]B[/dropcap]efore we start our enterprise, we must have two eyes, one is Economic Eye and another one is […]


Keep Our Mind Pure Be Good to Others

Knowledge is power. Noble Eightfold Path is supreme power. There are five great powers according to Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma (37 Limbs […]


Kaba Aye: Past and Present

[dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0″]K[/dropcap]aba Aye is not the name of a town but that of a considerably large area comprised of […]


Value & Beauty of Democracy

Value & Beauty of Democracy [dropcap color=”#dd3333″ font=”0″]V[/dropcap]alue is derived from the Latin word valere meaning : Be Worth Value, […]

Hot News
Hot News
23 September 2021
Start preparations to harvest short-term species of monsoon paddy
Myanmar to play Singapore in ASEAN Suzuki Cup opener
Myanmar ships over 2.2 mln tonnes of corn to international trade partners this FY
Muse border trade down by 24% as of 10 Sept
Myanmar’s bilateral trade with Germany reaches $460 mln in past ten months
16 acres of avocado cultivation completed in Naga area this year
Pansodan-Dala ferries increase service routes for convenience of passengers
Over 600 acres of coffee cultivated in Sagaing Region
Extremists arrested for explosive actions in Hline Township, Yangon Region