Subjective thinking is a risky business

By Myint Win Thein [dropcap font=”0″]S[/dropcap]ubjectivity places too much emphasis on one’s own ideas, opinions and feelings – the facts […]

Stable policies before stable politics

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″ font=”0″]IT[/dropcap] is no exaggeration to say that policy stability is a pressing need for our country at a […]

Build trust with your own fate

[quote font=”0″ color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ededd3″][dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0″]I[/dropcap]T is very common in Myanmar for rumours of impending bank collapses to send people […]

Corruption is our national arch-foe

By Myint Win Thein Corruption literally means dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially by people in authority. We can see the […]

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