Take care of monetary swindlers who committed crimes online

Relevant service organizations and authorities warned the people that some cases recently happened in drawing cash from the bank accounts opened at some relevant banks in unscrupulous ways through communication networks.
As such, those authorities informed the people as well as bank users about acts of offenders who pretended the service personnel of some banks to lure the bank account owners into taking data of the accounts through online service and then taking hundreds of thousands of cash.
In this regard, various types of media focusing on the interests of the people mentioned the monetary swindling cases in various forms. Those offenders expressed the photos of actual staff members from private banks so as to commit swindling cases. They are always searching for their victims online to secretly take out money from their bank accounts.
In some cases, those swindlers issued pretended announcements to disburse loans for small and medium-scale enterprises, businesses, and agricultural loans for farmers but they first demand a transfer of guarantee fees for loans from the victims. In some cases, the offenders demand expenditure or service charges from the winners in lucky draws. Moreover, some unscrupulous persons lure the victims to invest capital in online businesses with the incentive of monthly interest or income.
These acts can be defined as breaking the law as well as manipulating innocent people. Their inhumane acts can shake the relevant business arena, especially the banking service arena on which the people as well as banking users rely. As a consequence, such kinds of acts can cause a domino effect on other businesses and then may cause an economic crisis.
In swindling acts online, those offenders use official logos, photos, and documents from official businesses as pretending bank staff, microfinance operators, and other businesspersons to win the trust of innocent people. Most of the victims did not have adequate knowledge about online media and information technology. As such, all people need to take lessons from the past events of money swindling cases that happened online and they should not give data and profiles related to their monetary affairs and banking accounts to others.
Hence, all people need to accumulate general knowledge about monetary affairs and online services as well as swindling cases based online in addition to information technology. Moreover, they have to follow warnings issued by relevant organizations and authorities, take care of information about crimes based on the online platform, and strictly save their own profiles so as to overcome online dangers and challenges.

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