Take severe action against those who commit illegal trade

As the government imports basic personal goods from foreign countries to meet the local demand, it is necessary to strive for manufacturing the same products for domestic consumption as well as exporting the surplus to foreign markets.
Every manufacturing industry needs raw materials. If such materials cannot arrive in the market in time, finished goods production industries will face disadvantages, causing high prices for products. At the same time, basic personal goods at cheap prices from other countries will flow into the domestic market through illegal ways and means, harming the standing of SME businesses in Myanmar.
That is why it is necessary to effectively eradicate illegal trade in continuity. As part of conducting faster examining the cargo trucks along the trade routes, officials from checkpoints and posts have to apply QR codes and E-lock systems in examining the products and whether they were imported illegally or not.
Authorities need to effectively take action against those who repeatedly committed illegal trade measures. Moreover, severe action must be taken against those who did not stop committing offences in illegal trade, under the Customs Law and other related laws. Such an action must be punishment for those offenders not to dare commit more offences due to the deterrent action.
In the past, authorities seized restricted goods in illegal trade and smuggled goods but allowed the owners to pay these items in ransom money. Currently, such a way will not be an effective action for offenders. In taking severe action, if authorities arrest smuggled commodity owners and vehicle owners who intentionally commit illegal trade again, they have to close companies and confiscate vehicles. Moreover, those owners have to sign the assurance not to commit illegal trade again.
On the other hand, people should not purchase and consume smuggled products as a national duty. Even if domestic products are expensive, they have to use them as encouraging the domestic industries in order to give a helping hand to MSME businesses for their long-term standing. Only when MSME businesses boom at home, the prices of products manufactured at home will decline for a long time.
Now is the time for all citizens of Myanmar to understand the legal and illegal trade process which benefits the whole nation and the people. Domestic manufacturing industries based on legal trade are based on the encouragement of the people for their booming economy as well as for the booming State economy so as to alleviate poverty in all walks of life.

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