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Take special care of fires, not at forests but residences


Currently, the planet Earth is facing various kinds of natural disasters, including forest fires which may cause loss and damage to habitats of plants and biodiversity species.
Smoke and flames of the forest fire also cause loss of natural resources, water pollution, worsening of greenhouse effects, soil erosion and human life.
The National Interagency Fire Centre in the US showed data on the outbreak of forest fires throughout the world. It stated there were 58,950 times of forest fires in 2020, leaving 10.1 million acres of forests ablaze. In 2019, the forest fire destroyed 4.7 million acres of forest areas.
In 2020, the forest fire in Brazil destroyed 30 per cent of the largest forest. A total of 22,000 times of outbreaks of fire within a year caused death to 17 million vertebrates including replies, birds, and gorillas as a record, according to the report on 16 December.
Flora and fauna are essential for the nature of the earth. Living beings including humans, trees and animals rely on one another. Nature gives feeds and habitats to the animals and trees. Animals and trees give food, clothing and shelter to humans. As such, biodiversity plays a key role in the sustainable existence of all living beings including more than seven billion of the global population.
A forest fire and greenhouse effects will impact the damage of the Ozone layer which screens the ultraviolet not to fall on the earth. While protecting the biodiversity, animals and trees from the outbreak of forest fire, efforts must be expedited to prevent various forms of living beings and non-living beings not to disappear biodiversity species and their habitats. Truly, the protection of biodiversity species, trees and living beings, including humans, can be defined as environmental conservation.
Now is a season with coldness and dryness in Myanmar. Hence, Myanmar people need to take care of the danger of fire. Cold and dry substances are sensitive to sparks of fire as fuses from the explosives. So, people should take sanitation and keep fire extinguishers to be used for readiness to put out the fire. Not only the forest fire but all forms of fires can indeed destroy the life and property of the people. Thus, all the people across Myanmar take special care of breaking out fire not only in forest areas but the public residences without fail.

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