Take special care of using drugs for longevity

Currently, the infection rate of Covid-19 is slightly on the rise in Myanmar, depending on climatic conditions and impacts of new sub-variant omicron XBB.1.16, known as Arcturus which has a higher transmissibility rate than previous strains but doesn’t appear to be more dangerous.
Everybody suffering from the impacts of any disease wishes to take effective medicines to fight against the suffering. But the pharmacy arena is facing imitated drugs not only in the international community but in Myanmar. Mostly, drugs in Myanmar are not imitated ones but these are low quality, indeed.
In India, the Indian government suspended the work licences of 76 drug companies for manufacturing fake drugs. More than 10,000 drug companies manufacture relevant drugs but the licences of some companies have been withdrawn and some companies were suspended for production.
Myanmar is a customer of India to import various kinds of drugs made in India. Some drugs are legally imported from India but some drugs flow into Myanmar through illegal routes. Daily newspapers mention a large seizure of illegal drugs at checkpoints in regions and states. Furthermore, officials should surprisingly check the drug market of Myanmar for the sake of the consumer people. In truth, such an act of surprise check can be dubbed as saving lives and the interests of the people.
In late-2022, some kinds of drugs with the content of toxic chemicals were found in seven countries of the World Health Organization. Hence, WHO officials urged its member countries to take action against offenders of toxic drugs. At that time, more than 300 children from Gambia, Uzbekistan and Indonesia lost their lives to severe kidney diseases due to drugs with toxic chemicals.
Fake drugs and low-quality drugs are silent killers in the medical arena of the world. Such businesses have been dominating the world for many years. In this regard, fake drugs mean imitated drugs and medicines with imitated labels, trademarks, expiry guarantees and incorrect producers and registration as well as incorrect formulas. These kinds of medicines are harmful to patients and the health conditions of new generations.
Hence, people should take care of buying drugs by analyzing whether the ingredients, formula and guarantees of medical companies are correct or not. Moreover, they have to observe the list of drugs inappropriate for consumption often announced by the Ministry of Health and relevant departments. Truly, all people need to take the drugs as directed by physicians or relevant medical personnel of skilful chemists who have completed medical training in curing their sufferings in diseases.

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