Take step forward to build a federal democratic union

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  • There would be no denying that peace is most desired by the people of Myanmar, which has been experiencing armed conflicts since it gained independence in 1948.
    Over successive generations, our people have had their share of bitter experiences and struggled with low socio-economic standards as the country succumbed to the fires of internal armed conflicts soon after independence.
    Our country has not yet escaped from the trap of poverty and armed conflicts, while other countries are participating in the technology revolution 4.0, with cutting-edge innovations.
    Our people, especially ethnic people residing in areas racked with armed conflict, have been waiting for over 70 years for peace.
    In fact, those who stoked the fires of internal conflict are long gone. But, the duty of putting out the fire has fallen on our shoulders. Now is the time for our generation to ask itself whether it wants to leave the country or the next generation with armed conflicts or not.
    We do not think that any of us would wish to avoid, reject, or shrink from this responsibility. The energy, faith, and effort that we put in to achieve peace can serve as a beacon of light for our country, our Union, and all of our people.
    Political dialogue would not be complete without the participation of stakeholders who should have been at the table. Why? The responsibility to end the long-running conflict rests on the shoulders of all the people. A federal system which is acceptable to all would mark the end of armed conflicts.
    Our goal is the “emergence of a democratic federal union based on democracy and federalism”.
    Whether or not we achieve this goal depends on us. It is a responsibility that falls on all of our shoulders.
    To ensure an all-inclusive approach towards bringing peace to the country, the Union Government will step up efforts for negotiating with the non-signatory groups, as part of efforts for reducing armed conflicts.
    Hence, we would like to request those armed groups which have not yet signed the NCA to take a step forward by signing the agreement and take part in the historic peace dialogue, under the umbrella of the NCA.
    Harboring past grudges and distrust cannot bring peace to the country.
    Let’s build a federal democratic country envisaged by all ethnic people. Our efforts today will determine the peace we enjoy in our world tomorrow.
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