Take the right ethical path, to strengthen moral fibre of our people

  • The prestige of the Judiciary is indeed essential in a system of government. The behavior of Judges is, in present circumstances, closely scrutinized to guarantee continued confidence in the integrity of the Courts.
    While the Union Government is making efforts to strengthen the country’s weak judiciary system, a regrettable judicial conduct occurred in which one regional Advocate-General, four law officers and one police officer were involved.
    The Yangon Region Advocate-General, four law officers and one police officer appeared at the Yangon High Court on Tuesday to face charges for allegedly accepting bribes in return for dismissing a case against three men accused of killing a prominent comedian.
    It is the most high-profile anti-corruption case to go to trial since Myanmar’s transition to a multi-party democracy in 2011.
    According to the worldwide survey conducted by Transparency International, bribery of judges remains the biggest concern among lawyers.
    The Union Government has stepped up its efforts to stamp out corruption, and the journey of fighting corruption has reached a certain level.
    The incumbent government is committed to abolishing the red tape that burdens the people and eradicate corruption and bribery that plagues all levels of society as we work to strengthen the moral fibre of our people.
    The combination of power, responsibility and humanity accounts for both the most exemplary and sometimes, the most regrettable judicial conduct. To this end, Judges must exercise decorum in all their undertakings.
    No doubt, the legal profession is crucial in the maintenance of a high quality of justice delivered within the justice system.
    Corruption is not limited to bribe-taking. It also includes the giving of judgments or orders based on any consideration other than legal merit.
    Such success or failure of our fight against corruption will depend on our willingness to take the right ethical path.
    Not only our Anti-Corruption Commission, but also government departments cannot fight corruption alone, which is why we need cooperation and inclusiveness in order to compel and eliminate it once and for all.
    The cooperation will be among all levels of organizations and age groups. Included in this effort will be closer scrutiny and action on complaint letters in accordance with rules and regulations.
    As a result, we believe that we can make great progress in handling this issue within a period of two years with the people and the authorities concerned working in unity.
    We should bear in our mind that bribery is a crime which should not be tolerated in our country.
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