Taken at face value, everything looks OK

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Every individual likes the best, but only those who try their best with firm resolutions can reach the top. Exceptionally, there are some to whom success does not go, although they have tried and achieved necessary qualifications. Some had not tried hard as much as the said “qualified one”, but they have educational attainments to seize top posts as they were certified ones. And, there is also another kind that reached the highest position without sufficient qualifications. In other word, these can be categorized into two kinds—those who reach the top and the ones who do not. They may be pleased with their existences, and some may be displeased. From their own perspectives, they who reach the top will surely think that they own their present positions just as they deserve them. From the layman’s point of view, it is not a problem. Who are we are to argue. We need not criticize it. Yet, it is not a small problem, or rather it may become a worse or the worst problem, depending upon at which level it really exists, to the extent of destroying a country.
    At the transitional period when we are moving toward a federal democratic state, our leaders will have to think a lot for the country. Undeniably, they have tremendous backlog of evil legacy left by old regimes. Here, I would like to say that our leaders saved our country from the brink of being handed over into the hands of someone else, to coin a phrase. Living under long-standing suppression of former regimes led people to ignorance and fear. Ignorance begets fear, which causes ignorance—it is a vicious circle. Thus, we had to live for years under the reign of the governments we deserved. Our respectable leaders now widened our visions, guiding us to our destination. Many had fallen at the advent of our democratic way, some in the middle and some just at the time of starting to see the dawn of democracy. We are responsible to take duties entrusted to us, on behalf of them. Then, what are our responsibilities? On our way to a federal democratic union, there are many people who would not like to accompany us. They are those who enjoyed the fruits of old regimes’ administration. Due to monopolization of political power for years, they seemed to think that authority has been inheritance left to them by their ancestors. Now, many of them can still be seen in our society, especially in governmental departments.
    Our Union Government divides respective powers and authorities to Region and State Cabinets. Ministries of the Union similarly divide and assign authorities and duties to respective departments. Our pure-minded and educated youths must learn knowledge and particular things needed to study from these veterans, on one condition that we must give our care for our pure minds not to be infected with dubious ways and malpractices from them. We are well convinced that ruling a country is not like running a boot camp. The government has many tasks to perform, concerning multi-sector affairs of the country. As conscientious citizens, we—ordinary people contribute our labor as much as we can, in the tasks our government is carrying out. And, we need to be aware of bribery and corruption in our surroundings. Especially, at the present time when great villains are resorting to violence and most wicked ways, for fear of losing their assets, we people are required to be alert and to observe these destructive elements in our immediate vicinity.
    Last but not least, we would like to warn destructive villains for the last time. Vigilant sharp eyes are watching you and your activities. Perhaps you will think that everything looks OK, if you take your present existence at face value. Unless you abandon your evil deeds, our reply will be, “Goodbye and good riddance!”
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